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No matter where you are in Thailand, IAA Logistics will drive your business. Whether it’s warehousing and logistics, we can save you time. Costs and resources as you focus on growing your business. Our service with excellent quality. Including safety and reliability. Wide range of services throughout Thailand.

Let us take care of all your warehouse needs. IAA Logistics has more than 37,000 square meters of warehouse space in Bangkok and Saraburi. A safer, more reliable warehouse solution where you need it. When combined with the Navy and our strategic allies, we are protected for your goods.

IAA Logistics invests in technology development. Because we are dedicated to the success of our customers. Our warehouse management and home delivery management systems track and track movement of stock and orders throughout the warehousing and distribution process. The latest technology upgrade, introduced in March, 2017, enables our IT technology to be managed internally with advanced accounting and reporting capabilities.

Because your business is unique, and our logistics team is skilled and time-consuming to plan things that will benefit your supply chain and your business, develop strong and lasting relationships. It is important for a successful logistics partnership. Our team is focused on further development of the acquired evaluation and readiness. These continuous improvements We are committed to providing complete transparency to ensure that your products reach the shelves.

Currently, the supply chain is complex. And for your supply chain competition, be nimble and responsive to the competition. Selection of competing products and shorter life cycles makes forecasting more difficult. Other key supply chain factors: inventory volume to hold at position and supplier management approach.

Our commitment to quality and service. Is to see the logistics system. Growing up in the region, we can help you transform your supply chain into a strategic one. At every step, we are confident that we will receive world-class quality by self-testing, with our excellent focus on operations and continuous improvement programs. And above all, with customer expectations and commitments we have made.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and versatile, and designing innovative solutions to meet every unique need, perfectly responding to all types of cargo quickly and safely, anytime, anywhere.

Honest Justice.

Is there a space constraint at your current warehouse? Poor service from the service provider. Your current? If the warehouse and distribution are not core competencies for your organization, your replenishment and storage may need to be reviewed for maximum efficiency and profitability.

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